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Allow Genuine Electric to take care of the installation of your ceiling fan.

When you reside in North Georgia, having a way to cool yourself is a must. Ceiling fans circulate the air in your space, making you feel considerably cooler even when it's sweltering outside. Call Genuine Electric at (678) 427-9256

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Ceiling Fan Advantages

  • Cool Air Circulation- Fans circulate air, making the occupants feel cooler. According to the US Department of Energy, simply turning on a ceiling fan may make the room seem four degrees cooler.
  • Lower Costs- When the fan is on, it feels colder inside, which allows your air conditioner to rest. This can help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Keeping You Warm- That's right, you read that correctly. In the winter, turning your ceiling fans clockwise might help to warm up your home. Fans operated in reverse assist to force warm air downward since it rises and settles towards the ceiling.

Allow us to install your ceiling fan for you.

Licensed Electricians- Our specialists are highly qualified specialists who will install your fan correctly, according to code, and in a safe manner.

We make certain that the fan is correctly balanced so that it does not wobble when switched on. We also make sure there are no gaps in the ceiling for a professional appearance.

We assure there will be no surprises when you receive our bill since we charge a flat rate.

Impeccable Service- As part of our dedication to our consumers, we deliver first-class workmanship. Our service comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Do you have an electrical repair that needs attention? Are you located in the Acworth, Cobb County, or Cherokee County area? Call Genuine Electric at (678) 427 9256. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Call us today!

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