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To have your home rewired, contact genuine Electric.

The prospect of having your house rewired might be intimidating. Genuine Electric's expertise can assist make the process of rewiring your house smooth and uncomplicated by using up-to-date technology and highly experienced specialists. For over ten years, we have been assisting homeowners in Acworth, Cobb County, and Cherokee County with house rewiring. Call us right away!

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Signs That Your Home  Should be Rewired

Your property may have outdated wiring that is no longer up to code, or the wiring may have been installed incorrectly as a result of a remodeling or badly done repair. Here are several indicators that your home requires a complete rewiring:

A burning odor near an outlet- This is the most obvious sign of defective wiring. If an appliance is plugged in, turn off the power before disconnecting it.

Overloaded electrical panel- When you require more energy than your system can manage, you may be putting the panel at danger of overloading.

Lights that flicker in the wind- This might be an indication of frayed wires where your system links to the power grid.

Discolored outlet covers/switch plates- This might indicate a recurring cycle of overheating the wire connection due to improper grounding or a loose connection.

Aluminum wiring- Aluminum, a popular material used in wires in the 1960s and 1970s, was discovered to cause weak wire connections.

No GFCIs- Ground-fault circuit interrupters, which lessen the danger of electrocution, should be installed in outlets near bodies of water.

Genuine Electric offers professional rewiring services.

Call Genuine Electric at (678) 427-9256 immediately if you are thinking about having your house rewired. Any client who has previously dealt with us knows to call us first for any electric service needs. In many ways, we are dedicated to offering the greatest customer service in the Acworth, Cobb County, and Cherokee County, Georgia areas, including:

  • Flat-Rate Upfront Pricing- We will never surprise you with a charge. We provide free quotations and upfront pricing on all services, including rewiring. If necessary, we can also arrange financing.
  • Professional Service- To help you, our technicians are highly trained and licensed. On all of our rewiring services, we deliver first-rate workmanship.
  • Respect and Dedication- We show our clients respect by arriving on time and maintaining all locations clean and neat. We will also guide you through each step and procedure to ensure that you are aware of and understand what is going on at all times.

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